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Wildcraft Wiki Champ 4 24L Backpack (12989)

Wildcraft Wiki Champ 4 24L Backpack (12989)

नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 1,410.00
नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 1,649.00 विक्रय कीमत Rs. 1,410.00
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The Wildcraft Wiki Champ 4 Backpack is a reliable choice for any adventure. Featuring a spacious double compartment, a gusseted front pocket, and a single bottle pocket, you'll be able to fit everything you need for your next outing. The Hypagrip technology promises superior comfort, while the dangle-free straps and elastic haul loop adds security. Durably made with 100% Polyester, this Unisex backpack is perfect for any explorer.

Key Features

  • Double Compartment
  • Gusseted Front Pocket
  • Single Bottle Pocket
  • Dangle Free Straps With Elastic Haul Loop


  • Hypagrip


  • 100% Polyester


  • Unisex


  • 2

Compartment Closure

  • Zip

Country of Origin

  • India

Out of stock

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