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Genie Grace 19 Inch Laptop Backpack

Genie Grace 19 Inch Laptop Backpack

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This backpack is the perfect companion for your daily work or college life. The ergonomic construction will keep you comfortable and the padded laptop sleeve will ensure your tech essentials are secure. Remain organised and stylish with its multiple compartments, pockets and printed design!


          A commuter's dream! This bag is equipped with a padded laptop sleeve ensuring your tech is transported securely and comfortably.

          At Genie, we believe in enjoying the little things, which is why we have added a happy pouch to our backpacks! Whether it's stashed inside of your bag, or shown off solo, this compact zip-up pouch is perfect for keeping track of your essentials

          Hands-free convenience, eye-catching patterns and go-anywhere versatility makes these bags your perfect everyday companion.

          Say goodbye to last-minute searches of your essentials because the easy-access pocket makes it super accessible.

          Designed with extra padding in the back and shoulder straps this ergonomically designed backpack minimizes the load. You'll wonder how you ever travelled without one!

          Go-anywhere, carry-everything! Designed with mesh water bottle pockets, easy-reach secure front pockets, and spacious compartments you'll have space for all of your essentials and fun extras, too.

          The premium nylon fabric is highly durable and water resistant, all while looking classy and stylish!

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